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Welcome to

A Place for Miracles Las Vegas

Attitudinal Healing Online Class

Wednesdays 10-11:15 AM and 6-7:15 PM MDT

9-10:15 AM and 5-6:15 PM PDT

Please contact Pastor Kay for Zoom connection

"Attitudinal Healing is based on the principle that it is not other people or situations that cause us distress.

Rather, it is our own thoughts and attitudes that are responsible for our distress, and the actions we take

as a result of those thoughts and attitudes can hurt us. Healing results when we concentrate on changing our own attitudes

rather than trying to change the attitudes of others. Thus, the goal of Attitudinal Healing is self-healing in

the face of each life challenge. Attitudinal Healing is not a religion, nor is it religious. People from many cultures,

faiths, and denominations, as well as those who follow no faith at all are welcome to participate."

From Love Is Letting Go Of Fear by Gerald Jampolsky, M.D., 2005 edition.

Bible Class

Starting again in September on Thursdays from 11 AM-Noon

The Seven Keys to Unlock the Bible

The Lord's Prayer

The Book of the Revelation

Based on the Aramaic translation of the Bible

Chaiya Meditation Monastery Retreat Building

7955 Virtue Court, Las Vegas, NV 89113

Monastery Dress Code:  Both men and women must wear clothing that covers the knees. 

Shoes must be taken off at the door.  Bringing socks is suggested.

A Course In Miracles (ACIM)

A spiritual program designed to remove the blocks

to the awareness of God's Love
Fridays from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM

Pastor Mirkalice is presently substitute teaching

for The Meeting Space class

6115 S. Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89118

Body, Mind, and Spirit Connection

2nd Saturday of the month from 11:00 AM to Noon

Health Class by Dr. Bela Sekhon, a Doctor of Internal Medicine

On Facebook Messenger Only

Go to "Services" for other programs we provide.

For further information:

Pastor Mirkalice Gore 702-338-2408

Pastor Kimberly Kay Danaher 702-955-0695