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                                  Welcome to

                                 A Place for Miracles Las Vegas

In 1995 Pastor Mirkalice was guided by the Holy Spirit to found a church called A Place for Miracles. A couple of years later, Pastor Janet joined her as co-pastor. In 2005 Pastor Mirkalice retired and left other ministers in charge. The church remained active until November 2014 when the remaining minister retired. Right before the closing of the venue, Pastor Phil Flowers brought Pastor Mirkalice out of retirement and asked her to co-found A Place for Miracles Las Vegas at the same venue. As his was to be a very distinctive musical ministry the slight name change was necessary. When Pastor Phil passed in 2019, the church's future needed to be decided as no one could fulfill his musical ministry. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Mirkalice decided to continue the legacy of Pastor Phil which was the creation of a unified, diverse church family which sought to focus on unconditional love. Pastor Janet joins her again in accomplishing this ministry.


Our beloved Pastor Phil Flowers went to be with the Lord on March 5, 2019. We know that his Ministry of Love will not die with him. He left his imprint on the world not only because of his magnificent voice but because of the church family he brought together. We are ever so grateful to him for the contributions he made as a vehicle for our Lord's messages of Love. We love you forever, Pastor Phil!

Here is our story.

God sought to bring together two very different people--male/female, black/white, gay/straight, glamorous/plain--in order to bring forth a place of diversity where all could feel as one; a place where the miracle of God's Love for everyone could be given and received. That is how A Place for Miracles Las Vegas came into being.

These two people did share a common quality since childhood: A Love for the Lord and the desire to bring that Love to all. Knowing that we are Loved by God, no matter what our lifestyle has been, frees us to extend that Love to others, as well as learn to Love ourselves. That was the mission of Jesus Christ so long ago and is the goal of

A Place for Miracles Las Vegas today.  

Just as the early Christians gathered together informally to discuss the teachings of Jesus, at A Place for Miracles Las Vegas we come together on Sundays at 1 PM to learn of God's Love, to share a meal, and to praise dance and rejoice! You are welcome to stop by to experience the joy of joining together in God's unconditional Love!

Different... but the same in God's eyes!

Pastor Phil is open to receive God's gifts and share them with everyone!

Pastor Mirkalice:

"Serving God by helping

others is my greatest joy!"

No matter where

they are, our

Pastors know the

joy of being

messengers of

God's Love!